7 Best Gaming Laptops For You: Learn More About Them

best gaming laptops

All these best gaming laptop brands can help you to get rid of your “tedious” life and add some color to it. They are designed for avid gamers that allow them to play with full pleasure and satisfaction. You can also buy a laptop that is affordable unlike before when buying was limited to the rich only, all thanks to the introduction of these types of laptops.

Alienware 17 R5

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Alienware 17 has a more powerful GPU for gamers with a Full HD IPS display that produces a vivid and clear image output on its screen. And as if that was not enough, some buyers have reported some problems with its keyboard where keys are held down even though they aren’t being pressed. This can be very annoying especially when you’re in the middle of a crucial fight playing pubg mobile. The good news is that these problems can be fixed by either sending it back or having some adjustments done on your laptop.

It has excellent built quality and design which makes it appear more expensive than what we pay for it. It has a built-in camera for video calling and conferencing with your family and friends.


This best gaming laptop under 1000 is one of the most comfortable laptops around as far as gaming is concerned. It has good speakers which makes it perfect for every type of gamer, from those who want to play pubg mobile from their phones or from bigger screens with larger memory capacity to make sure that our games run smoothly without lagging. What’s more? This amazing laptop doesn’t heat up easily, unlike other brands that heat up after a short period of use making us uncomfortable. The battery life can last long enough to suffice your need even you’re planning to go out with it and play games!

Aorus X9

The Gigabyte P57X v8 is the best laptop for you if you’re a gamer who wants to experience playing your games in much better quality than before. The price of this laptop is very expensive but we can assure you that we get what we pay for. It grabs all the attention once we walk into a place especially with people who understand how much it costs and feels like they can’t afford it. This laptop gives that feeling that it’s an elite piece! The only problem with this laptop is its battery which seems insufficient. But since our main purpose in buying such laptops is to use them at home, then this problem isn’t a big deal or inconvenience.

Razer Blade Pro

The Razer laptop has a high battery life and is capable of lasting up to 8 hours when in use. This means that you won’t have to worry about the battery dying on you in the middle of an intense session of games. It is also one of the thinnest gaming laptops with a 17″ screen size compared to other gaming laptops brands. It’s very light and can be carried around very conveniently if need be since it only weighs 4.63lbs making it a good laptop for gamers who love going out often and playing their games from different locations!


The MSI GT75 TITAN is a heavyweight giant computer laptop, this monster weighs 9.9lbs which makes it a heavy-weight competitor in the computer laptop industry. If you’re a gamer who wants to play games with full pleasure and satisfaction, then these best gaming laptops under 800 will make your dreams come true! With such great features as a powerful processor and high memory space (up to 64GB), it can take on any challenge without difficulties or problems. This beast doesn’t heat up easily and can last long enough for an intense session of games, we all know how fast our batteries die when we’re playing games right? It’s got big and comfortable keys making gamers’ experience better than before.

Acer Predator 17 X GX-792-703D

The Acer predator has a screen size of 17″ which makes it perfect for every avid gamer who loves to play games on bigger screens. It’s also got enough memory space for any game you want to download or install. This laptop is one of the best gaming laptops under 1000, it doesn’t heat up easily and can give an intense performance without difficulties or problems. Since it’s made by Acer, we expect only the best from this brand! And yes, they have never let us down when delivering their products.

HP Omen 17t Gaming Laptop

The HP Omen offers a package deal in terms of great quality and affordable price which makes it our number 1 choice when choosing a good gaming laptop with less than $1000 in 2018. Although it has some negative ratings (which seems like most buyers gave constructive criticism), so far most of the customer seems to be very satisfied with their purchase. When you buy this laptop, you get a lot for what you pay for since it’s not only an amazing gaming laptop but also great for work.

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